How To enable Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) ON Windows 10

Windows Subsystem For Linux is one of the best features of Windows, since it emulates the Linux environment(i.e its terminal) on windows.... So if you really like the Windows UI you can still use the powerfull linux terminal without using virtual machines or any crazy setup

You will need a Activated Windows 10 Machine with ability to download apps from the official windows store to download the official Ubuntu for Windows. It can be any other linux distro as well like Kali Linux or Debian all running straight from your beloved windows OS and really the best of both OS

To install WSL follow the following steps

  1.           Press ⊞ Win --> Type "Windows Features on" --> Hit Enter
  2. Now find "Windows Subsystem For Linux" and enable it (see the image below)

  3. Post this you'll need to restart your device

  4. Upon Restart Go to the windows store and search for "ubuntu".

  5. Download the latest version i.e 20.04 (see the image below)

Downloading and running it is all that is required for succuessful installation. On first start the terminal screen will been blanck for while as the installation finshes up. After that you must create a password protected user by enter username and password when prompted by the terminal itself

Extra Tip

Many windows users are unaware of directory structure of linux

But most of important user files in Windows are stored in the C or D disk drives

To Access them execute the following command:

      ls /mnt/* -l

Now you can see most of your files