People keep asking me how do I do that I do. Therefore I created this page where I shall document what i've learned. Some real valuable (hacking!)stuff coming up since so far i've been accupied by The Web . Sign up for mail

  • Kubernetes Ingress from Nginx ProxyPass For Complete Context Switch Within Services

  • The Complete Guide to Nginx conf file translation to Kubernetes Ingress for nginx like traffic routing to services within the kubernetes cluster

  • XML Parsing Python3.8 ElementTree, registering namespaces and file handling Guide

  • Here I will describe: registering xml namespaces, editing a pre-existing XML file, XPath search within python, Updating Elements, deleting xml elements and more...

  • Setup Virtual Environment For Python3.8

  • Different version of Python are available in any Unix OS and while building a project it is best to give the project the latest python binaries exclusively with VirtualEnv.

  • How To enable Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) ON Windows 10

  • Windows Subsystem For Linux is one of the best features of Windows, since it emulates the Linux environment(i.e its terminal) on windows.... So if you really like the Windows UI you can still use the powerfull linux terminal without using virtual machines or any crazy setup

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